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Hello and thank you for visiting Girls Rock! Sewing. My name is Veronica Chapman and I love love love to sew and be creative with my hands. Sewing has become a lost art and I am here to awaken it in the hands and hearts of girls and women across the world.

I begin sewing at the age of 8.  I would take the "scraps" of material my mother used to make my dresses and make Barbie doll clothes with a needle and thread.  As I got older my mother saw my interest was developing and she taught me how to use a sewing machine and I never stopped!.  I began making my own clothes so well that my mother would check for labels and tags in my clothes.  My weekly allowance was spent at the local fabric stores until I was old enough to work at my first job...a fabric store. Working in the fabric taught me different fabrics, their uses and the best fabrics and techniques for various projects.  I continued sewing for myself,  my friends and family including prom dresses, baby clothes and frilly little girl dresses.  I even designed and sewed flags for the marching band flag girls. By the 11th grade I was making and selling curtains and bed skirts with the beautiful Waverly collection I became familiar with at my job.  At this point my mother bought my first new top of the line Babylock sewing machine. I was so excited!  My sewing machine was a fixture in my college dorm where I made extra money doing alterations, uniforms and embroidery for students and organizations. 

Over the years I have worked professionally in alteration shops, as a wedding dress seamstress and contracted for many different factories all over the world.  In 2003, after my first daughter was born, I enjoyed making her clothes so much that I started my own kids clothing line. Shortly after I started a salon protective apparel line which landed me contracts with Nike and Walt Disney World.  As my daughter grew older, she also began taking my fabric scraps and wrapping them around her dolls.  In 2008 I turned her inspiration into Girls Rock! Sewing and began teaching young girls how to sew and create their own fashions. Sewing is like breathing to me.  It is a passion that I love so much that I wanted to share and help develop these skills in girls and women where I can reach them.

Thank you for considering me as your sewing instructor.  I am here to spark that creative flow in you that will burn as long as you allow it.

Be Creative,
Veronica Chapman
Girls Rock! Sewing

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